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our story

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BrandedbyT specializes in helping you expand your business.
We offer custom logos, flyers, mock ups, and web design services.
Your business is more than just a “logo”.
In order to see consistent growth in your business, you must
create good content.
What will make me purchase from you ?
Your name is a brand!
Branding your business is what will set you apart
from your competitors.

Our founder, Latesha grew a love for technology at an early age.
As much as she loved computers, she later found interest in other things.
Latesha has an associates degree in psychology,
and is currently pursuing her bachelors degree.
Graphic design started as a hobby.
However, she received so much good feedback that she
decided to start offering services.
Latesha is here to help bring your vision to life!

“BrandedbyT was made with you in mind.
Let’s build together!”
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